Irwin take Jack on the radio

Irwin Industrial Tools are hoping to boost sales of their Jack 880 range of Universal handsaws via a month-long radio advertising campaign, the company’s biggest so far.

Irwin take Jack on the radio

The campaign will be broadcast on Talksport, beginning next Monday, September 29 and will run for four weeks and feature more than 230 spots.

The latest version of the Jack 880, features a 25% increase in cutting speed1. The teeth on the new Jack 880 range have the advantage of triple edge grinding, resulting in an aggressive configuration that cuts both along and across the grains of wood. Triple edge grinding also enables the saw to cut on both push and pull strokes, allowing for fast and efficient cutting of timber and larger work pieces. This makes it 25% faster than the old Jack 880, which featured double ground teeth.

The new IRWIN Jack 880 range, available in either 20in or 22in blade lengths, provides the end user with a saw for all materials: the Universal – for all round versatility and cutting performance in cutting softwoods and board materials; Coarse – suitable for cutting laminated boards, plasterboard, green wood and fast ripping cuts (this saw also features innovative deep gullets for enhanced performance through greater removal of waste); Fine – ideal for cutting hardwood and for accurate finishing cuts; and Super Fine (Tenon, Veneer & Toolbox) – ideal for PVC and mitre box work.

The entire range has 0.85mm blades that are made from high quality British C75 steel to ensure maximum stability and power transfer, whilst also featuring Hard Point teeth, which stay sharp six to eight times longer than non-hardened teeth. A water based lacquer also provides four times better rust protection for the blade than traditional lacquer.

The radio campaign forms part of a targeted campaign to raise awareness of the next generation of Jack saws.

IRWIN’s UK marketing director Graham Bremer said:”By embarking on our biggest national radio campaign, coupled with our highest ever investment in the medium, we are demonstrating a solid commitment to the UK marketplace. Despite the economic downturn that is affecting so many parts of the industry we are confident that there is, and always will be, a need for quality products. The success of the new Jack 880 range is testament to this.”

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