The Construction Youth Trust and the Maddie Rose Campaign are calling for organisations across the supplier and merchanting sector to change their branding across social media to the colour yellow to raise awareness of Maddie’s Day (22 September).

The Maddie Rose Campaign was set up in the memory and celebration of the life of Maddie Rose, a young woman dedicated to showcasing the aspirational careers available in the sector she cared for passionately.

The campaign aims to shine a spotlight on the careers and opportunities available in the supplier and merchanting sector, and inspire diverse young talent to discover rewarding careers and achieve their full potential.

In partnership with Construction Youth Trust, the supplier and merchanting sector have also developed a Hidden Careers programme, aiming to create a blueprint to inspire and support young people to access the opportunities the sector has available.

On the 22 September, which has been designated Maddie’s Day, the supplier and merchanting sector, as well as the wider construction industry, are being asked to turn their branding across social media channels yellow, and / or adopt the Maddie Rose Campaign logo for the day.

By flooding social media with the Maddie Rose Campaign logo and branding colours on Maddie’s Day, the organisers hope to raise awareness of the campaign and encourage people to donate, host their own Hidden Careers sessions, and feel inspired to find out more about careers in the supplier and merchanting sector.

The campaign has raised over £55,000 so far. A JustGiving page has been created for those who would like to support the campaign by donating.

A Communications Pack, put together by the Construction Youth Trust team, is available to download from the campaign’s website. It includes a comms plan, with suggested content that can adapted and links to the Maddie Rose Campaign Media pack. The Hidden Careers session pack will be launched shortly before 22 September.

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