GB162 – A grand design

The Buderus GB162 wall mounted condensing gas boiler has won one of the world’s best known design awards – the prestigious iF product design award.

GB162 - A grand design

The GB162 won the award in the “industry and buildings” category and was chosen for its innovative design, in particular its advanced Alu-Plus engine-block heat exchanger.

The GB162 heat exchanger is designed to give optimum condensing performance, low maintenance and durability and operates with efficiencies of up to 110% (net calorific value). It is constructed from lightweight cast aluminium silicate and finned for maximum surface area.

It incorporates a unique twisted flow channel, which creates a micro-turbulence and brings more water into contact with the heating surface to ensure optimum heat transfer.

The outer surface of the heat exchanger is treated using a patented plasma polymerisation process, which helps to prolong its lifespan by preventing dust and particles from combustion adhering to its surface. This effectively makes the GB162 self-cleaning, reducing the need for, and cost off, mechanical cleaning and maintenance. It can modulate to just 19kW of total output to precisely meet the heat demand which not only improves overall seasonal efficiency but also reduces wear and tear on the boiler.

The GB162 is available in either 80 or 100kW models, but can also be combined as part of a multi-boiler or ‘Cascade’ system. Up to 8 boilers can be installed either in-line or back-to-back allowing this boiler to be used on systems up to 800kW. The system is remarkably compact with a 400kW back-to-back system requiring just 1m2 of floor space.

The iF award is the second award received by the GB162 in the last year or so. It has also received the European Aluminium Award in the ‘machinery and electronics’ category for its innovative use of aluminium in its design and construction, increasing the surface area inside the heat exchanger and improving the water flow.

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