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Get Britain Building: Mike Leonard takes a look at the last few days of the election camapign

With just two days of the “General Deception” campaign left to run I for one am clear that none of our political parties have done enough to deserve a mandate to govern for the next five years.

Never before have we seen such a high level of orchestrated campaigning, master minded by the very spin doctors who have conspired to deceive us over so many years. Instead of using their campaigns to begin the process of rebuilding our confidence in politicians this campaign has underpinned my concerns about the inherent dishonesty and at times contempt that our politicians have for the public they serve.

We are clearly facing very difficult economic times but still all the parties refuse to tell us their real plans if they were to be elected. We all know that we have to pay down the unprecedented levels of debt we have accumulated and we can expect taxes to rise and services to be cut, all we want to know is what each if the parties really intend to do!

Half way through the third televised debate they finally got around to talking about housing, manaufacturing and jobs which are surely amongst the highest priorities of the electorate. Not so, however, for any of political parties who, despite their rhetoric, fail to understand the role that our industry must play in the long term recovery of UK PLC.

So as the votes are counted and the result emerges our work is far from done. Whether or not, as many pundits predict, we find ourselves with a coalition government, we must do all in our powers to influence the new key decision makers. We have to make our case for the banks to get back to responsible lending and for the limited public spending to be directed towards the building of new homes and refurbishment of the existing housing stock.

If we are to succeed, we must all play our part, so before your local newly elected MP concludes their celebrations I suggest you get in touch and invite them to discuss the role they are going to play to “Get Britain Building.”

Mike Leonard – Get Britain Building Campaign

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