Emmeti launch improved manifold

An improved underfloor and radiator heating manifold from Emmeti UK is a self-contained, lower-cost alternative to design-plus-products packages although installers and specifiers less familiar with underfloor heating may still value design assistance.

Emmeti launch improved manifold

The pre-assembled unit is a fully integrated device to minimise installation time and cost. And, following market feedback, the new floor mixing unit now incorporates a flow-meter per circuit to speed up commissioning; two drain-off and filling points (rather than one) which can be used simultaneously, also to speed up commissioning; and a Grundfos pump in recognition (a) of this market-leading brand’s popularity, and (b) that a fully pre-assembled manifold is preferred by the trade.

The double regulating flow-meters not only provide for in-line hydraulic balancing in litre/min but are also in-line serviceable, avoiding draindown and the loss of any settings.

As before, the unit serves both underfloor and radiator (and/or towel-warmer) heating circuits, using a thermostatic mixing valve with a wax/copper element to modulate to the set temperature.

The temperature control knob is accurate within ±2oC and a set temperature is maintained regardless of boiler temperature changes, avoiding any space over-heating and potential damage. The electrothermic heads can be wired up to programmable room thermostats.

A wide range of accessories, including high-temperature circuit, differential by-pass and thermostatic mixing valve kits, wiring boxes with integrated safety thermostats, and a series of ball valves, is available.

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