Danfoss pump out the heat

House builder Charles Church have used air source heat pumps from Danfoss Heat Pumps as a sustainable heating system for the prestigious ‘Ridgeway Mews’ development in Stoneygate, Leicester.

Danfoss pump out the heat

The company required a heating system that was energy efficient as well as minimising the properties’ carbon emissions.

The air handling unit, which is placed discreetly in the garden of each property, is able to harness the energy from the air and feed it into the properties’ heating and hot water system. The estimated carbon savings for the three properties is 65 tonnes each year, which just shows what a positive effect their use will have on the environment.

Simon Mcdonald, Technical Director of Charles Church, explains: “We chose Air Dest Heat Pumps as they supply a renewable energy source that will provide sustainable heating, minimise Carbon Dioxide emissions and be truly cost-effective for our customers to run.”

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient means of generating energy. For every single unit of electricity used to drive the heat pump at least four units of heat are generated, which equates to around 400% efficiency.

This compares to some of the most efficient oil or gas boilers that are around 90 per cent efficient. Some householders also choose ‘green electricity’ for example from solar or photovoltaic sources, to drive their heat pumps which can mean that their heating system achieves carbon neutrality.

Air Dest heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners face the prospect of ever increasing fuel bills. In addition, many people are actively seeking more environmentally friendly methods of heating their homes as they become aware of their own carbon footprint. In both cases, heat pumps provide a compelling option because they are very affordable to run and extremely energy efficient.

Air source heat pumps are also growing in popularity as they avoid the need for any ground works and because they are housed in small, compact units, they can be located discretely outside a property.

Phil Moore, managing director of Danfoss Heat Pumps explains: “Air source heat pumps are becoming more popular where customers would prefer not to have any groundwork. They work simply by extracting heat from the air and turning it into usable domestic heating and hot water – they can even provide comfort cooling in the summer. The great thing about them is that a system will typically pay for itself in 5-7 years, and as fuel bills continue to rise the advantages of fitting a heat pump will become ever more obvious.”

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