Dale Joinery gives added veneer to its Trickle Vents

Trickle vent 1Performance timber window and door specialist Dale Joinery has created what it believes to be the first veneered trickle vents in the market, colour coordinated to blend in with the main window and door frame colours selected by the customer.

Available as an option across its range of sash, casement, flush casement and stormproof windows and contemporary and traditional doors, the Dale Joinery trickle vents are veneered using the same timber used to create the frames and then colour matched to the frame on both interior and exterior.

According to Dale Joinery’s National Sales Manager Matt Chambers, the result is  a much subtler trickle vent impact on the frames that is easier on the eye creating a significantly smoother look to both the interior and exterior of window and door sets.

“We know they are there to conform to building regulations requirements where no background ventilation is available, but the reality is that trickle vents really do break up the smooth lines of a window or door frame and often just don’t look great.

“We wanted to look at ways of reducing the impact that they had and veneering them in the same timber and colour as that selected by the customer for the main frame works really well and creates a much better look and finish that really blends in with the main frame,” said Matt.

“Just as we offer dual-colour options for the interior and exterior of our made to measure timber windows and doors this extends to the new trickle vent options and customers can really see the benefits that this new choice brings,” he added.


For more information on the range of Dale Joinery made to measure timber windows and doors visit www.dalejoinery.co.uk,

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