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Cemex supports police on cycle safety

Cement manufacturer CEMEX UK supported the Metropolitan Police’s cyclist safety event in Trafalgar Square in central London on Tuesday by providing one of its logistics fleet vehicles.

Cemex supports police on cycle safety

The event is one of nine planned to be held in the capital during 2010 and is part of the Met’s cycle safety events ‘Exchanging Places’.

CEMEX, which has been recognized for its efforts towards improved cyclist safety, has instigated extensive driver training and additional features to its vehicles to help the driver be more aware of the cyclist and the cyclist, stay safe.

At yesterday’s event, cyclists were shown the driver’s potential ‘blind area’, the extra safety features on the vehicle and encouraged to go into the CEMEX cab and learn about the area of visibility around a large vehicle from the driver’s perspective.

Prior to the event, the Metropolitan police ticketed cyclists for road offences in the area and these were waived if the cyclist attended the event. Yesterday 96 cyclists came to Trafalgar Square to learn more about safe cycling.

The most dangerous situation for cyclists is when they cycle along the nearside of large vehicles turning left. To warn cyclists of this danger a warning sign has been fitted to CEMEX vehicles on the rear nearside corner to highlight this before they move up the nearside. A large Caution sign has been fitted along the left hand side of the vehicle to further highlight this danger.

The Caution sign is complemented by sensors which activate a voice message for the cyclist as they pass alongside the vehicle. Light and audible indicators in the cab are also activated by the sensors and show the driver that there is movement on the nearside.

To help eliminate the blind spot at the left hand front corner a series of three mirrors including a ‘fish-eye’ lens have been fitted. The positioning of the mirrors is done using a special ‘L’ shaped mat which is laid around the nearside front corner of the vehicle. This area represents the potential ‘blind’ spots and was used at the event to highlight this to the cyclists.

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