A new stylish and sturdy finish for decked areas

smoked oak seat smoked oak with bullnoseWarwickshire-based decking manufacturer Millboard has released another decking innovation – a Bullnose Board. Until now, the options available for providing an attractive and sturdy edge to decked areas have been limited. Building on the success of their existing popular Bullnose edging, Millboard has created the Bullnose Board.

At 150mm wide, with a bullnose profile down one side, the new Bullnose Board provides plenty of surface area for a very stable fix, and provides a refined appearance to a deck’s perimeter. Like all Millboard decking, it is moulded from genuine timber samples and hand coloured during production. And like the existing Bullnose Edging, the attractive wood grain extends right round the bullnose profile, maintaining the authentic appearance of real wood to the last millimetre.

Millboard Marketing Manager, Caroline Birdsall, commented: “The finishing touches to a beautiful decked area are often what lift a deck from being attractive to spectacular. Attractive edgings are a key element, but can be the trickiest to install and most prone to wear. Our Bullnose Board offers tremendous resilience and stability and is as easy to fit as the board alongside it.

“As with any new Millboard addition, Bullnose Board maintains the beautiful grain our decking is renowned for. It comes in all the colours of our Enhanced Grain range and delivers the same authentic wood look right across the board and round the profile.”

The Bullnose Board’s functional and aesthetic benefits are particularly useful when constructing multi-layered decks. It combines perfectly with Millboard’s standard 176mm board to form steps with regulation-compliant tread depth. The generous width of the board also enables creation of an overhang, beneath which LED lighting can be installed. The stylish effect that this provides also enhances safety by highlighting changes in level.

Alongside its primary purpose as a superior decking edge, Bullnose Board also lends itself to the creation of planters, seating and other constructions, acting as a coping edge to upright or horizontal surfaces. Millboard believes that Bullnose Board’s many features and uses will enable many to push the boundaries of outdoor design.

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