TG Lynes boosts efficiency with fleet diversification

TG Lynes has moved to diversify its delivery fleet to boost efficiency and improve service for its customers.

tg lynes fleet

TG Lynes has invested in a range of new vehicles to ensure it has the most appropriate and cost-effective mode of transport for each drop-off. There are six different options available, ranging right from Class 2 18 tonne DAF lorries to an e-bike – all of which are ULEZ compliant.

John O’Connell, transport supervisor at TG Lynes, said: “We live by the mantra of having the right vehicle for every delivery. It’s important that we have a diverse fleet so that we can service our customers’ needs in the most appropriate way.

“This produces time and cost efficiencies, both for us as a business and for our customers.

“Crucially, it is also helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our sustainability considerably, which is one of the four pillars TG Lynes is built upon. If we can use a smaller vehicle to deliver parts to our customers, then we will.

“Clearly, we need the 18 tonne DAF lorries with mounted cranes for the big, bulk deliveries to our largest customers working on substantial building sites, but there many occasions when a 3.5 tonne van, or even a 4×4 pick-up truck is more appropriate and faster.

“Our long-term, strategic approach of fleet diversification is really bearing fruit now. We will continue to analyse our delivery data to ensure our vehicles match the ever-evolving demands of our customers.”

TG Lynes has invested in 7.5 tonne lorries in both long wheelbase and short wheelbase form. The long wheelbase lorries are generally used for multi-drop jobs within the M25, while the short wheelbase vehicles have an increased payload of around three tonnes. All of TG Lynes’ lorries – both 18 tonne and 7.5 tonne – are the latest Euro 6 models, making them ULEZ compliant.

There are also two 3.5 tonne panel vans, perfect for carrying pipe up to four metres in length, and five open back dropside vans, which have a slightly better payload and can carry materials up to six metres in length.

Though TG Lynes’ core customer base is in London, the business also makes regular deliveries to areas outside the M25 circular, including Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton. Less frequent deliveries are made to places such as Birmingham, Nottingham, Peterborough, Manchester and even Newcastle. A Nissan Navara is used for long distance deliveries while, at the other end of the spectrum, TG Lynes’ e-bike is perfect for short distance deliveries of small parts in the vicinity of its Enfield base at short notice.

And, in a significant move for the business, TG Lynes has switched to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) in two of its lorries, which is 90% more carbon efficient than diesel.

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