Get your yellow on for #MaddiesDay

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold
it would be a merrier world

A couple of things happened this week to drive home to me, once again, just what a fabulous industry to work in this is.

Last weekend my phone was pinging no-stop almost with updates and images from the Pavestone Rally, the four-day charity event that took a load of old bangers (and their £500 cars – boom tish) across Europe, finishing up in Monte Carlo, via Ghent, the Alps and Milan. In a different themed-fancy-dress each day.

The event raised over £212,000 for its four incredible charities, and probably took team-building to a whole new level. Or whole new low. I suspect there are friendships bonds that were forged in those cars that will never be broken.

Likewise, this morning’s inbox brought news that the Construction Ride for Youth, undertaken by buying group IBC, from Lands End to John O Groats, has raised over £30,000 for its two charities. Unitas Youth Zone and the Maddie Rose Campaign are two charities that aim to help young people further their careers in this industry. The money raised will be split between both charities, helping them to continue their vital work supporting young people and helping them grow and find worthwhile careers.

These are just two events that serve to drive home just how generous this industry is with its time, its money and its commitment. This week will end with another, and I urge you all to get involved.

This Friday, September 22, is #MaddiesDay. As last year, everyone involved in or supporters of, the Maddie Rose Campaign is  going to wear something yellow – even though it is a colour that few people can carry off well. Not only that, but we will be taking loads of pictures of the outfits, and anything and everything yellow that we can, then posting those pictures all day on social media. As last year, we want to flood the industry with images of yellow, to raise the profile of the Campaign, raise a few smiles – as I mentioned, yellow is not the most forgiving colour – and raise some more money to help the Campaign continue to fund young people’s journey into this sector.

So, whether you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account – or whatever that ridiculous man is calling it these days – or a LinkedIn profile, or all three, make sure you stuff them all full of yellow images on Friday.

And, of course, it’s not just about the Campaign, but also about honouring, remembering and continuing to build a legacy in memory of an amazing, beautiful, talented young lady who loved this industry of ours.

Go yellow for Maddies Day – you know you want to.

#MaddiesDay #merchant family

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