Select add leak protection guardians

Select Products have added two new leak protection systems to their product range.

Select add leak protection guardians

Called The Guardians, they actively sense, warn and shut down systems when gas, carbon monoxide (CO) or water leaks are detected.

Both the Gas and Water Guardians are ideal for residential and commercial use and are easy to install by qualified Plumbers or approved Gas Installers.

Both units work using a central Controller at the heart of their systems, supported by a network of wireless Water or Gas and CO sensors (up to 16 sensors can be fitted). Once deployed, if pre-established safety thresholds are exceeded over a set period of time, an audible and visible alarm is activated and an RF message will be sent to the Controller.

Once the Water Guardian Controller receives the message it automatically shuts the valve preventing further leaking and water damage. There is an option for a manual override.

Once the Gas Guardian Controller receives a message from the Controller that safety thresholds have been breached it can register concentrations (above 30ppm) without triggering the alarm but advising that a safety check may need to be carried out. If the levels are dangerous, the Controller will automatically close the valve cutting off the gas supply reducing the risk of explosion and the accumulation of deadly CO and gas fumes.

Net price for the Water Guardian’s RTP is under £200, for the Gas Guardian RTP it’s under £300 and both come with easy to merchandise packaging.

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