Rockwool ups the efficiency ante with new trade insulation range

Insulation supplier ROCKWOOL has launched Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32 and Thermal Frame Slab 32, two dual-purpose products that are the most thermally efficient stone wool insulation currently available in the UK and Ireland.

Made using Rockwool’s patented NyRock® technology, the new products have a more efficient fibre structure that is denser and traps more air. This extra air helps slow the transfer of heat further for greater thermal performance and a low lambda (l) rating of 0.032 W/mK.

ROCKWOOL Thermal Cavity Insulation Slab 321

First up is ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32, which is suitable for masonry cavities. British Board of Agrément (BBA) certified for both full and partial fill applications, it can be used across in new build, renovation and extension projects. It gives a 13% improvement in thermal performance versus the company’s existing cavity slab product.[2] This supports builders in meeting the new higher thermal requirements of Approved Document L in England while also providing space saving benefits.

To achieve a U-value of 0.18 W/m²K, builders can use 150mm of Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 032, depending on the wall build up planned, which is 25mm thinner than the standard stone wool cavity products in a like-for-like application.

ROCKWOOL Trade Range extension1

The second addition is Thermal Frame Slab 32. Purpose-designed for fitting between the studwork of both external timber and light gauge steel frame walls, it can also be used with a brick outer and with or without a service void. A key benefit of Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32 and Thermal Frame Slab 32 is their high density semi-rigid composition. This means they will not slump or sag once fitted and as such, maintain the same thermal and fire resistance properties more than 55 years after installation, according to independent research[3].

ROCKWOOL NyRock Cavity Slab 032

Both Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32 and Thermal Frame Slab 32 can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C and achieve the highest Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire classification. The new additions also deliver acoustic benefits with a composition that helps trap sound waves and dampen vibrations.

Product support for the range extension includes updated product packaging, implementing graphic devices and symbols to aid product selection. Rockwool will now also display the different lambda ratings of its insulation, enabling customers to identify a lower lambda product more easily if they require improved thermal performance.There is also a multi-channel advertising campaign including updated point-of-sale and enhancements to the ROCKWOOL Demonstration Experience truck.

Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL UK, said: “The addition of Thermal Insulation Cavity Slab 32 and Thermal Frame Slab 32 enables merchants to offer customers all the benefits of stone wool, including its natural non-combustibility and easy installation, and now with a higher level of thermal performance. Critically, given the market conditions, both solutions are also backed by a competitive price point, robust availability, flexible delivery support and comprehensive marketing activity.”

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