Keylite connects roof windows with smart technology

Roof window manufacturer, Keylite Roof Windows, has launched its new range of smart roof windows, blinds* and technology, allowing homeowners to control daylight and ventilation in their home via smart devices.

With the keyliteConnect® app and keyliteConnect® hub, homeowners are able to monitor and engage with their smart app-enabled Electric and Solar Roof Windows and Blinds from anywhere in the world. This allows users to operate one or multiple applications at once, set pre-timed actions such as airing the building for a certain duration, or automatically lower blinds in the evening.

The smart rain sensor will automatically close windows in the event of a downpour, even when homeowners are away. In the event of leaving home and forgetting to close the windows, one tap of a button on the keyliteConnect® app will solve the problem.

By switching roof windows to the trickle ventilation position, fresh air is able to enter the property while ensuring the building’s safety is not compromised, as windows remain in the fully locked position.

The keyliteConnect® app enabled Solar Powered Roof Windows and Blinds are powered completely by solar energy, with no requirement for mains electricity. Harvesting solar energy, the roof windows retain power in the window’s battery system, enabling operation day and night.

Installation of the technology is made as easy as possible. The straight-forward set-up procedure within the app allows homeowners to pair windows and create personalised settings for each room or individual person’s operational needs. The keyliteConnect® hub can be purchased after the installation of an app-enabled Keylite Electric or Solar Roof Window making it an ideal product for a smarter home.

The keyliteConnect® hub is the heart to controlling the app-enabled Keylite Electric and Solar Roof Windows and Blinds. Once connected to Wi-Fi, the hub ensures only those chosen can operate the applications remotely via the keyliteConnect® app.

Colin Wells, Head of Technical at Keylite Roof Windows, comments: “Keylite has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we are extremely proud of this latest product development. With over 15 million ‘smart homes’ in the UK and Ireland, it’s clear that the need and desire for smart technology is prevalent amongst consumers. keyliteConnect® technology gives homeowners total control over their Roof Windows and Blinds – controlling as and when their property needs daylight and natural ventilation, and providing peace of mind that their property is secured whilst they’re away.”

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