Intergas changes its name

Stephen Zouch Managing Director Intergas Heating Solutions 002 editIntergas is changing its name from Intergas Boilers to Intergas Heating Solutions with immediate effect. This heralds the launch of its portfolio of new products, some of which will be launched in 2022, and reflects the company’s goal to reduce its impact on the environment.

Stephen Zouch, managing director, Intergas Heating Solutions, said: ‘The world’s at a tipping point environmentally and, while we want to continue to make products that our customers want, sustainability has to be part of that process. Energy transition is easy to understand and highly complex to achieve, but we are actively involved in decarbonising every aspect of our working day. The name change may be small, but it represents a vast company undertaking.’

Intergas is currently developing engineering solutions with lifetime sustainability in mind, from material selection to smart features and responsible recycling. Since its 2019 acquisition by Rheem Global, America’s leading water heating brand, Intergas and Rheem have been working together on the development of energy-saving and water-conserving product ranges for both the US and UK markets. Details about Intergas Heating Solutions’ new UK product introductions will be announced once production and distribution schedules are in place.

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