Forterra recommence production

Since the announcement last month that Forterra would be temporarily halting production at most of its manufacturing sites, the business has been planning alternative working practices that enable manufacturing to recommence while keeping staff safe and able to socially distance.

Following guidance from the NHS, Public Health England and the Construction Leadership Council, Forterra has started the process of carrying out risk assessments and are pleased to announce that kilns will be fired up ready to start production at one of its brick manufacturing facilities this week.

Also this week, Forterra will recommence production of the hollowcore product at Bison Precast in Swadlincote.

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It is expected that this will be followed by the reopening of two more plants in May. Due to the current high inventory levels, it is anticipated that the majority of plants will reopen during June and July.

Stephen Harrison, Chief Executive at Forterra said, “This move means that we are able to support our housebuilder customers as they also begin the process of returning to work over the coming days and weeks, ramping up our production as and when inventory and demand from the market requires.

“This return to business is encouraging and we must all adjust to new ways of working that ensure the safety of our staff and our customers and continued success of our industry.”


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