Electric Heating Company calls for scrappage scheme extension

David Lee, director of the Electric Heating Company, would like to see industry calls for a boiler scrappage scheme extended to cover electric heating products.
“Many companies in the heating industry support the call for a boiler scrappage scheme. The scheme will help homeowners, private landlords and social housing organisations upgrade their systems and provide more energy efficient and cost effective heating solutions without spending vast amounts of money,” he says.

“As a leading supplier of electric heating solutions, we would like to see the scheme extended. We believe that direct acting heating products are the future of electric heating, and a similar scrappage scheme introduced for antiquated storage heaters would produce significant quick savings.

“Some of these storage heaters were installed twenty years ago. They are difficult to control, inefficient and can be very expensive to run. In comparison, today’s electric heating systems, such as our EHC electric radiators are reliable, fully controllable, 100% energy efficient and usually produce significant cost savings for the end-user. Installed in the correct manner they offer the controllability and flexibility of a gas central heating system – notably heat on demand.

“So if the industry is serious about a scrappage scheme for inefficient boilers, why not offer a similar incentive to replace outdated storage heaters with modern solutions?

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme campaign was initiated by plumbers merchant Mick Williams when he set up a petition on the Downing Street website, calling for a scrappage scheme for boilers, similar to the successful one for cars. The petition has over 1,500 signatures and its own website, www.reheatbritain.org.

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