‘Design Independence’ with 2019 Kitchens from Hubble Kitchens & Interiors

Hubble Kitchens & Interiors, specialists in the design and fulfilment of contemporary lifestyle furniture offer valuable insight on the next big interior trends to hit our homes and high streets in 2019. We speak with Richard Hubble and Anthony Crespi, Directors at Hubble, who reveal the latest interior fashions for 2019 to inspire both you and your home …

das Küche │ the kitchen

A space known to capture the true essence of a home, the kitchen will ‘challenge the senses’ this year with tactile finishes, heightened fnext125 070 071 NX C2055 NX620 F830 von aussen HRaunctionality and ergonomic layouts set to inspire your choice of furniture.

Award-winning design studio, Hubble Kitchens & Interiors predict 2019 kitchen trends will take a more pragmatic approach to design with an emphasis on tangible utility. To get you on the path for ‘design independence’ in 2019, Hubble recommend you discover the practical nature of your kitchen, exploring how you will use the space and what impact that will have on the products you choose.

Consider juxtaposing storage solutions as a great way to create a happy working environment. By combining a clever mix of open and display furniture in a range of rewarding materials you will be able to clearly define your work and social areas and ensure your everyday appliances, cookware and ingredients remain in reach, yet out of sight.

Polar opposites such as metal and wood are a great example of how different materials can come together to help create a cohesive interior with clear boundaries. Different textures, colour palettes and clever space planning will all help define your living kitchen space in 2019, as the aim is to ensure maximum usability without affecting the rooms’ overall aesthetic.

How can you achieve this? Hubble Kitchens & Interiors predict a two-tone colour palette is the key, with warm woods combined with natural blond timber able to bridge the gap between your kitchen and living areas. This will sit alongside shades of black and grey which will be offset by accents of ultra pure white and a host of off-white neutrals like taupe, muslin and caramel which are transferrable across kitchen and living interiors.

Atypical design and furniture arrangements are therefore set to dominate the market this year, sustaining the fact that the kitchen has become less independent and more open to the rest of the home. This has inevitably led to more thoughtful kitchen design where the furniture no longer takes on its expected form like a typical central island. The revolutionary next125 cooking table is a great example of this type of unexpected design, presenting a freestanding solution for the kitchen and whole new look for the kitchen island unit. Its inclined legs make the cooking table look like a piece of lifestyle furniture, fusing both form and function to create something completely unique yet highly functional. You can even coordinate your kitchen furniture with a full height living room storage wall or clever room divide to separate the kitchen, dining and living areas, as pictured.

2019 trends predict multi-room design will become even more widespread, allowing quality kitchen furniture to be applied in other rooms of the home to give you a truly coordinated design scheme that ‘challenge the senses’ and offers complete design independence. For further information and expert advice please contact: Hubble Kitchens & Interiors │ w www.hubblekitchens.co.uk

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