Cross sales –a win win

Kevan Greenhalgh, Business Manager for Packed Products at Tarmac Cement.

Cross-sales can be one of the simplest ways to grow revenue for any retailer. It’s a no brainer – engaging with your customer at the point of purchase can present a real opportunity to boost revenue and improve the customer experience. So, what exactly can merchants be doing to maximise their own cross-sales?

Starting with visual merchandising
Consider visual merchandising and the role this plays in influencing the purchaser. Using a Blue Circle product as an example here, think about your customer walking through the door to pick up a bag of Mastercrete cement. For many customers, this will be a single line purchase. And this is where merchants can really stand out among the competition and boost basket spend.

Displaying the product next to sand and aggregate, for example, can offer an obvious opportunity to prompt the customer into additional spend. It may sound obvious, but strategically placing items together in logical groups, together with attractive and eye-catching displays can have an impact on your sales figures. In addition, it can also improve the customer journey by ensuring your customers have the right products for the right project.

Consolidating your expertise is another simple way to drive sales – knowing your products inside out can really add value to the customer. Ask your customers questions – what they are working on, what tools do they need for the job? Show a genuine interest in their projects and offer advice on what they may need. Engagement with customers benefits both the customer and, crucially, your bottom line.

Of course, doing so means feeling confident about your products, as well as industry standards and legislation. Take up any opportunities for manufacturer training and networking to strengthen your knowledge. We offer hands-on sessions where merchants can test products for themselves through practical activities such as fencing, rendering and bricklaying. It also includes a whole host of other learning opportunities to help merchants achieve commercial excellence in-store, from influencing sales through presentation and positioning to cross selling and increasing overall basket spend.

The more merchants know about products, the greater the value you can add.

It goes without saying that this should not be overdone – avoid a pushy sales pitch. Instead you should be seen as offering expertise and trusted advice.

A win-win

Thinking more carefully about the opportunities that cross-selling can present can not only grow revenue but will, ultimately, improve the customer journey. It’s a win-win opportunity – and one that will help you stand out among your competitors.

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