Carver’s takes shape

Rachel Groom posts an update to the Carver’s rebuild

Its been a while since the last update and I simply don’t know where to begin !

We have had several exciting months, seeing the new building take shape externally, construction work beginning on the car park and watching local contractors scurry in and out of the new facility like a team of busy ants !

But now is the time to get really excited, in only a matter of weeks our new building will be launching and we can start shouting from the roof tops … ‘We’re back !’

Last week saw the fitting out of our new café, the recording of our brand new radio adverts (by a very exciting voiceover) and the arrival of the boardroom table!

This week, sees the external signage installation on the perimeter of the building, the arrival of the plumbing counter as they prepare to be one of the first departments to move across to the new building and the tiling of the new bathroom showroom … amongst many, many other milestones that our Company will happily endure to make the progression into our home for the future.

Franchises.. Tile Choice, Dixons Paints, Rayton Electrical, Chandlers Roofing and Andrews Coatings are currently fitting out their individual showroom areas, which will all culminate in a fantastic facility for our trade and DIY customers.

All this goes on, whilst we continue to operate from our temporary building, collecting orders, fulfilling deliveries and keeping our customers happy. Our Drive Through facility is operating well and servicing our jobbing builders. The introduction of hand held terminals have resulted in a much smoother and speedier service. Customer feedback suggests we are getting lots of things right, which is always nice to hear !

The enormity of this project is huge, from starting with absolutely nothing. It is simply breathtaking how much planning, preparation and organisation is involved on a daily basis to get us to where we need to be.

The end is in sight and we’re so close, we can almost touch it !

About Guest Blogger - Rachel Groom

Rachel Groom is marketing manager at Carvers of Wolverhampton, the builders and timber merchants in Wolverhampton

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