Builders offer more than building

A recent survey conducted by family-owned builders merchants Chandlers Building Supplies, shows that the nation’s builders are shovelling out advice on everything from parenting to finance.

The survey showed that a whopping 25 percent of builders have helped a homeowner through a personal crisis, while 1 in 4 builders say they are regularly asked for financial advice by their customers.  80 percent have advised on home furnishing choices and almost one fifth have even been asked to assist with completing school homework and childcare.

“What a typical builder’s day entails seems more far reaching than initially envisaged”, said Sue McKinney of Chandlers Building Suppliers. “While a refurbishment or renovation project is being completed, builders often find themselves consumed into the customer’s family life, so in many ways it is not surprising how involved some builders can become in their customers day to day lives.”

This level of variety might explain why more than 80% of respondents said they ‘loved their job’ and close to 90% of builders would still choose to go into the building trade if they had their time over again.

Chandlers Building Supplies conducted the survey in association with London’s newest radio station for builders, FIX FM and also found that over half (55%) of builders said they have another job as well as being a builder, with nearly a quarter working as fireman or sports coach/trainer.

For more than half of builders (54%), stress levels peak around ‘chasing payments and getting paid’ with ‘the weather’ (47%), ‘ordering / waiting for materials’ (45%), ‘vat and tax returns’ (44%) and ‘managing apprentices’ (42%) taking a close second, third, fourth and fifth place. When asked what the most enjoyable aspect of their job was, 86% said ‘pride from a great job’ while 81% said ‘on site banter’.

Their over-riding view on the future of the construction trade was of general optimism (60%) with over a quarter describing their earnings as ‘doing well or it’s boom time’ and only 6% saying ‘it’s a bit of a struggle’.


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said: “Research suggests that those who are happy and healthy are more productive and enjoy a better quality of life. Reducing stress levels among builders is an important mission for Chandler Building Supplies. Early this year we ran “Yoga with Your Boots On’ to help alleviate stress and increase levels of well-being among builders. We are also very mindful of the need for quick ordering and efficient delivery so builders don’t have to hold up a job by waiting on materials – which we appreciate can be very stressful.”


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