A-team for TeamGBR Cabinet 2010

Andrew Brown has picked his team – what about you?

A week to go to the election and all the polls indicate a hung Parliament. David Cameron and the Conservatives are on a mission to persuade the world that a hung Parliament is a bad thing; Nick Clegg is trying to keep a poker face and Gordon Brown and the boys and girls in red are playing catch-up.

But, unless things take a dramatic turn then it still looks like a coalition, a power-share or call it what it is – teamwork – and collaboration will be on the cards. So, how will they work it out – who gets be in Team GBR Cabinet 2010?

Here’s my team, or teams actually.

The A-team, i.e. politicians that are alive and likely to be elected…in a 4-4-2 line up:

1. Prime Minister – David Cameron (Con); like-able, good decision maker

2. Chancellor – Vince Cable (Lib Dem); wise old man holding things together

3. Home – Nick Clegg (Lib Dem); attacking, adaptable – ready for big stage

4. Defence – David Davies (Con); strong in the tackle, commands respect

5. Foreign Office – David Milliband (Lab); ambitious, committed

6. Health – Alan Johnson (Lab); at home in this role, solid performer

7. Business/Innovation – Lord Mandleson; creative maverick – gets results when on form

8. Education – Ed Balls (Lab); committed form player

9. Transport – William Hague (Con); not a proven goal scorer, might get subbed early on

10. Energy – Simon Hughes (Lib Dem); has vision and commitment

11. Environment – Hilary Benn (Lab); knows the brief, form player

…and on the bench:

12. Gordon Brown – Hague might not last the pace; if so Brown makes for a reliable if occasionally indecisive performer

The D-team, i.e. politicians that are not alive, but are probably much better than the ones we’re stuck with…playing a W-formation

1. Prime Minister – Duke of Wellington (Tory); commands respect, albeit a bit dull he never shirks a decision

2. Chancellor – David Lloyd George (Lib); a wizard with figures, very quick feet

3. Home – William Gladstone (Lib) maverick genius loved and loathed equally

4. Defence – Winston Churchill (Lib/Con); maverick prone to errors and brilliance in equal measure (at home in Defence);

5. Foreign Office – Benjamin Disraeli (Tory); genius, great talker on the pitch and creative flair player

6. Business/Innovation – Lord Beaverbrook (Con); strong in the tackle, gets results

7. Education – Clement Attlee (Lab); quiet, reliable team player

8. Transport – Harold Macmillan (Con); solid dependable, good up front

9. Energy – Harold Wilson (Lab); commitment and flair, good with his head

10. Environment – Herbert Morrison (Lab); midfield dynamo, good under pressure

11. Health – Aneurin Bevin (Lab); outside left; passionate flair player

I know which team I’d rather have, but, can you do better than me? I bet you can. Let’s see if our ideas are better than those of the political pundits in the media.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know if you agree or not.

Andrew Brown is director of communications agency FrankandBrown. www.frankandbrown.com

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Andrew Brown is director of Frank & Brown communications agency

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