Wiseman launches Corrosion Inhibitor Test Strip and Certification App

Wiseman has launched its EVERAD Rapid Inhibitor Test Strip which helps heating engineers check the level of EVERAD Corrosion inhibitor in the system and they can cross reference with the supplied scientific colour map, to ensure it is at the correct level to provide system protection.

Its EVERAD Rapid Inhibitor Test app is also available from Apple Store or Google Play, the test strip results can then be recorded with an immediately generated email-able Pass/Fail test certificate for the customers.


As part of Building Regulations Part L BS7593, heating engineers are required to ‘offer’ customers water treatment additives to add to their heating systems in an effort to ensure heating systems are operating optimally in terms of heat output. This in turn will provide a more positive environmental footprint and protect heating systems for longer.

An additional benefit of the app is that other EVERAD water treatments, including Descaler, Cleanser, System Silencer, Leak Sealer and THERMOBOOST can be noted on the same certificate if a heating engineer has used additional water treatments.

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