The benefits of professional fire damage cleaning in storage facilities

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Fires can occur suddenly and cause much destruction following an outbreak. The impact on storage facilities could be wide-ranging, from interrupting work to damaging equipment.

ICE Cleaning are a specialist cleaning company with expertise in fire damage cleaning, having dealt with all kinds of fire and smoke harm. They utilise industry-grade equipment to help their customers across the UK, and are able to attend the site within an hour in cases of emergency.

Here, they explore some of the ways professional fire damage cleaning is beneficial in storage facilities.

Equipment and machinery

Should you be affected by a fire in your premises, having professionals attend as soon as possible will help return the site to a safe environment so products can be kept there again.

They will deal with the problem effectively and can help clean damaged equipment wherever possible. Our technicians here at ICE Cleaning will not exit the premises until you are satisfied with the work conducted by the team.

The chance to save equipment could save you money, as cleaning experts will have expertise in how to handle it with care. Replacing machinery and tools, especially specialist ones, can be expensive. This is something that small businesses might not necessarily be able to afford.

More significant damage is also likely to occur if fire damage is left untreated, so it is important that this is dealt with promptly.

Preventing further harm

Fire can have serious consequences for the structural integrity of a building. For example, walls may end up collapsing and the property could be deemed not suitable to inhabit.

If this happens, you may have to find a new place to store goods at short notice. Hiring in cleaning specialists rapidly can prevent more significant damage from occurring.

Quick treatment of the affected areas may also mean that further work is not required, and the site can be used again for storage as soon as it is safe to do so.

Ensuring your safety

Your safety could be at risk if fire damage is currently within the site. If any damage is present, the premises should not be entered unless it has been declared safe to enter by the local authorities.

Smoke damage and fumes from fires can have varying health effects on humans, ranging from cancer in severe instances to lung damage. You need a safe space to store your equipment, so it is crucial that all safety procedures and practices are followed in the event of a fire to protect your health.

Professionals on-site will have the ability to deal with the problem safely from the thorough training they have taken part in. They will also be able to meet your individual requirements depending on the size and type of site you use.


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