Let sleeping dogs lie with Norbord’s super-quiet flooring

Norbord’s CaberFloor P5 – the UK’s most specified chipboard flooring product, has been upgraded to produce a high performance floor with reduced impact and airborne noise transmission.

Called CaberAcoustic, the new product comprises 18mm or 22mm CaberFloor P5 chipboard with a 10mm acoustic felt layer permanently bonded to the underside.39283 CaberAcoustic LR

Designed as a floating floor laid over an existing deck in either new-build or refurbishment applications, CaberAcoustic is installed with the tongue-and-groove joints glued with CaberFix D3 adhesive and all perimeters of the panel sealed with acoustic flanking strips.

When fitted to an existing floor in a conversion or refurbishment application, CaberAcoustic is overlaid onto the existing deck and a Hush Sound Absorber layer fitted between the joists with Hush Resilient Bars screw-fixed to the underside of the joists at 600mm centres. The addition of two layers of 15mm Soundbloc plasterboard to the underside of the resilient bar and all perimeters sealed with an acoustic sealant prior to skimming, ensures that the floor structure complies to UK Building Regulations Approved Document E for separating floor constructions in refurbishment and conversions.

In new-build applications, CaberAcoustic is laid in a similar manner (T&G joints glued and the perimeter sealed) over a 18mm or 22mm chipboard deck but a Hush-MF system should be applied to the underside of the joists to create a void of at least 150mm from the underside of the joists to the back of the plasterboard lining.

A double plasterboard layer comprising a 19mm plasterboard plank and 12.5mm Soundbloc completes the system. Both ceiling structures also provide one hour’s fire protection.

Norbord CaberAcoustic boards are 2,400mm long x 600mm wide and are available in 28mm and 32mm thicknesses with standard TG4 edge profiles. They come in packs of 40 (28mm) or 36 (32mm) sheets.

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit www.norbord.co.uk.

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