Koolkut boost timber trade in Rochdale

For Howard Brothers Mica Hardware replacing their table saw with a Koolkut KK 12 vertical panel saw from Sagetech Industries has freed up space and enhanced the service they can offer to their customers.

Koolkut boost timber trade in Rochdale

Based in Rochdale, Lancashire, Howard Brothers Mica Hardware had always used a table saw, which says shop floor manager Daniel Gooding, was becoming increasingly inadequate.

“It was a very old model. Like all table saws it required an enormous amount of space in operation, it was inaccurate, and it needed two or three operators when cutting larger sheets and dust was also something of a nightmare.”

After researching a suitable alternative Daniel ordered a Koolkut KK12. The machine has a small operating footprint, dust extraction facilities, single operator capability, accuracy and comes at a competitive price.

Since delivery, and despite heavy usage, the machine has proved highly reliable says Daniel, “It’s great. Nothing has needed replacing apart from the blade – we cut a lot of melamine. It hasn’t let us down once.”

The space saved by the more compact machine has also been put to good use with the installation of a radial arm saw, further enhancing the service that the company can offer to customers.

“It’s a great machine at a great price and it’s proved its worth many times over: recommended!” says Daniel.

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