Bosch Zoned Heating Control makes smart heating smarter

Worcester Bosch has launched its first generation of smart heating and hot water controls with zoning capability, allowing users to change and control temperatures in different rooms of a house for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

The Bosch EasyControl, which replaces Worcester’s Wave, represents the impressive technological advances achieved by the company within its smart controls portfolio, by providing a sophisticated, intuitive and attractive solution for users looking to increase comfort and lower their energy bills.

Designed to work via the app, which can be downloaded to as many as ten different devices per household, the Bosch EasyControl can control heating and hot water from any external location with a web connection.

When paired with Bosch Smart Radiator Thermostats (or Smart TRVs), the Bosch EasyControl can split rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, into separate “zones”, all of which can be heated individually via the Bosch EasyControl app. This means that users have the option to set a different time and temperature in each zone of the house, while switching the heating off for zones that are not being used.

For installers, the Bosch EasyControl not only meets the time and temperature requirements outlined in the Boiler Plus standard, it also meets three of the four additional energy-saving measures listed, one of which must be chosen in order to comply with the new legislation and the Building Regulations. It also offers a 5% uplift in efficiency, as per the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive, when paired with three or more Smart TRVs – resulting in a system package label efficiency when combined with a gas fired combi boiler, such as a Greenstar i, of 99%.

Additional energy-saving features available on the app include: load and weather compensation; on-screen displays that monitor humidity and energy usage; and presence detection, which is able to monitor an occupant’s proximity to the home, and update comfort levels accordingly.

All data is kept on the device, which minimises any security risks associated with cloud storage. This also means that the device can continue to work, even when offline.

The hardware itself is designed to fit easily via a wall-mount, which is also interchangeable with an existing Wave installation. It is designed to look attractive and modern, with a full-front, glass touchscreen, digital colour display, metal-effect framing detail and ambient back-lighting.

Director of Marketing and Technical Support at Worcester Bosch, Easytrv 0087 black RT

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Worcester Bosch EASY product shoot. January 2018 Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Martyn Bridges, said: “The connected home is here to stay and evolve, and installers need the latest technology at their fingertips in order to help customers manage their heating and hot water conveniently and easily.

“The new Bosch EasyControl has been developed in close collaboration with the Bosch Group, and therefore benefits from the latest advances in intuitive, self-learning technology. This represents the future, not just for smart home technology, but for the heating industry as a whole.”

The Bosch EasyControl will be available Spring 2018. For more information, please visit

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