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Handy Drybase damp and vapour barrier in a bucket from Safeguard

Safeguard Europe have added to their Drybase collection with Drybase Liquid Applied DPM (damp proof membrane).

Handy Drybase damp and vapour barrier in a bucket from Safeguard

The product is a liquid, polymer-based barrier coating that can be used to resist penetration of water, gases – such as methane and Radon – salts and other liquids through masonry, stone and concrete.

The water based polymer blend provides high integrity, elasticity and durability to the finished membrane. When correctly applied it is water resistant to 20 metres head of positive pressure and is 10 times more resistant to methane than low-density polyethylene (LPDE).

The damp and vapour barrier would typically be used to seal concrete slabs prior to screeding or overlaying with underlay and laminate flooring; protecting wall and floor-embedded joist ends; and forming wall and floor junction seals in wet rooms.

It can be applied by roller or airless sprayer but also by brush, making it ideal for waterproofing around detailed areas and hard to reach places.

Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM is supplied as a ready-to-use single pack system, is solvent free and available in black or white.

The product is applied in two coats, and comes in 5l buckets – with coverage being around 4.5m2 per bucke. Once applied, the product cures to form a membrane that is flexible and elastic and is typically touch-dry in one hour.

A minimum thickness of 0.6mm dry film (1.1mm wet) is required to provide a vapour barrier. This should be applied in at least two coats in order to comply with CP102:1973, Code of Practice for the Protection of Buildings against Water from the Ground. The first coat should not be allowed to dry for more than 24 hours before applying the second coat.

No special curing is required. Application of the membrane should not be undertaken if rain is expected before the coating can dry or if the background or air temperature is 7°C or lower.

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