Drive through at Carvers

It’s launch day for the new-look Carver’s warehouse. Hurrah!

As weeks go, this is a pretty exciting week for Carvers Building Supplies.

This Wednesday (10th July) sees the launch of our brand new Drive Through Trade Warehouse, the first of the new Carver buildings to emerge from the ashes, since a devastating fire tore through the old buildings over twelve months ago.

The day after the fire, MD Henry Carver released a statement vowing to ‘regroup and rebuild’ promising a bigger and better Carvers .. and we are well on our way.

It seemed like a daunting process, it seemed like it would never happen .. but we’ve done it ! The Drive Through Warehouse is complete, fully functioning and ready for operations.

The ongoing build has been an exciting process for both staff and customers and way back in February when the build was only up to floor level, with the completion of the foundations did things start to really take shape. Bit by bit the ‘twin peaks’ of the Carver Drive Through took shape and now, where the old Warehouse and shop once stood, we have a brand spanking shiny new building … and god it feels good.

The Drive Through Warehouse houses a full range of insulation, plasterboards, cement, timber and joinery products and is designed to service our trade customers. Having a centre drive lane and customer parking lanes on either side, allows vehicles to park next to the materials and can therefore be quickly picked and loaded, whilst all under cover.

In essence, this will completely revolutionise our customers outlook on the purchasing of building materials and in the process will offer them a speedy and more efficient service with the benefit of being undercover and away from the inclement British weather – perfect !

Appreciating that time is of the utmost importance to our customers, we believe that our new facilities will make the best use of their time .. any spare minutes can be spent stopping at bacon butty van !

Ground works for Phase Three of the rebuild, the main showroom and trade counters building, will be starting in the next few weeks and will house a Builders Village, which will make Carvers the complete one stop shop for tradesmen and retail customers alike.

The sun is shining on us here at Carvers, and we hope, for now, its here to stay !

Rachel Groom is Carver’s marketing manager

About Guest Blogger - Rachel Groom

Rachel Groom is marketing manager at Carvers of Wolverhampton, the builders and timber merchants in Wolverhampton

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