Polypipe’s first flexible waterless trap

Polypipe’s new flexible self-sealing waste valve can be used across a range of waste appliances from basins to baths, showers, urinals and sinks, and features a flexible corrugated pipe body for added adaptability in confined spaces.

Polypipe’s first flexible waterless trap

Available in 32mm and 40mm diameters, the flexible valves have been launched to offer customers more choice in situations where traditional water-based traps may not be the most effective.

Unlike water-based traps which can be compromised by evaporation after long periods of inactivity, this new range does not run the risk of foul odours entering the building when appliances are not in use.

Furthermore, the flexible pipe structure and simple ‘pipe to pipe’ connection means it can be fitted either vertically or horizontally at an angle and still perform.

Applications ideally suited to the flexible valve include small bathrooms where it would otherwise be necessary to chisel out the floor to fit the trap, where a slim line basin is being used, under shower trays, and where there is a need to free up space under kitchen sinks to maximise storage potential.

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