Hunter’s new bottle gully

Hunter’s favourite bottle gully has been given a new secured ring seal base, removable 110mm rear boss plug and improved internal access, which makes it even easier to clean, maintain and rod.

Hunter’s new bottle gully

The Hunter bottle gully comes with either round or square top and is suitable for taking surface water from small paved areas, rainwater via down pipes, or waste from ground-floor domestic appliances.

The improved body incorporates a 110mm diameter outlet socket and can accept waste pipes via side/back inlet connections. The Hunter ring seal system ensures that all correctly fitted installations remain completely leak-free and these push-fit joints make Hunter systems easy to use – even in bad weather.

By simply adding a raising piece the gully top can be installed at varying heights, allowing a new surface to be laid or when a deeper installation is required. This raising piece can be cut to allow the gully to be installed at depths of up to 600mm, therefore reducing the need for additional bends and saving money on materials.

The square top cover has spacer nibs at the edges to make finishing neat and simple when installed in slab or block paved areas. Both the circular and square top versions meet the requirements for pedestrian load-bearing.

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